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A full house!

We now have a full house at the Cordata house, our last two members joined us in December. We have also made progress on the basement areas, with lighting, power and the laundry now all working. In the big sliding puzzle of the house this moves things along nicely. We are already making plans for how to use these areas, as there is such a lot of potential for using them to do interesting things.

We will be having an open day sometime in March for people to come and look at what we have been doing here.

photo (2)

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New members

It has been a while since we posted anything here, but a lot has happened. We have just about finished the common areas in the main part of the house, so we now have an excellent kitchen designed by us and built by local joiner Lance Crookes. The splendid cupboards were salvaged from one of our current member’s previous house, and we have been really looking forward to putting them in place. The lounge was recently finished and this has added so much space for music, making, and many other projects that we all have on the go.

We are currently looking for 2 new members for rooms that are available. We are planning to meet potential new people at Fuel in Withington on Monday 6th October in the evening. If you are interested in any aspect of what we do (Eco house things, co-op things for example) then come along and meet us.


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A hole diggin’, and the seeds of a garden

This week’s main news on the refurbishment side of things was the digging of the hole for the rainwater collection tank in the back garden. We were thinking we might do this work ourselves, but since it was in the original budget for the refurbishment the builders did the work. As you can see the hole is quite big, but when the tank is installed and the hole backfilled, the only evidence will be a small access cover.

This work has had us thinking about plans for the garden which we are all very keen to get on with. The first work that needs to be done is to take out 3 very overgrown evergreens that block most of the light out of the garden. There is also large Ash, which is the source of debate in the co-op, do we take it out, leave it, or trim it at a smaller height? In any case, we want to start growing things in the garden, and we all have ideas for fruit trees, flowers, ponds, greenhouses and wild areas, which need to be carefully put in place to get the best from the space. We will keep you posted with days when we are working on the garden if you feel like coming to help us.




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Starting off – A tale of two co-operatives

Times have not been so bad for the beginnings of our co-operative eco house in Manchester, as this week we finally moved into the house. It has taken a monumental effort over the past two years to get to this point and we are not there yet, but this is the start of what the project was to really be about – a group of people, together in an old house refurbished to high efficiency standards, and committed to the ideals of community living. In fact this has been about two co-operatives, the Co-operative Living Freehold Society (from whom we lease the house) and Cordata Housing Co-operative (us) who decide on just about everything that we do with the house and garden once the structural refurbishment is finished.

So here we are, and the first week has been a story of hard work, lots of food, music, and fitting our other lives around finishing the work we need to do to get the house looking like less of building site. We are really pleased with the kitchen, which has become something of a heartspace for the house, we have shared food, played music, plotted and talked of many things. It is still a bit makeshift until David (who builds kitchens, bars, and anything else you care to challenge him with, out of reclaimed wood) arrives with the kitchen he has built for us.

The other work this week has involved sugar soap…lots and lots of sugar soap! In fact we are now experts in sugar soap, through cleaning building waste out of woodwork, but don’t ask us to do any more or we might just break down right in front of you. The success story of the week in this respect was preparing the beautiful staircase for painting.

So the end of a long week, but one in which we formed as a group that lives together (an unfinished group as we are looking for two members to complete the house) but a group nonetheless, with different ways of working, different things we are good at, things we have to learn, and many, many ideas….

kitchen1 stair1


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